Wild and Precious Life

Around here, we are pretty glad to be welcoming in 2019.

We took a break from, well, almost everything last year after losing Megan’s father in March, and then soon after learning we would be adopting a baby in August.

Baby Calyx Lir joined us on August 12, and the rest of the year flew by in the usual way that years do when you aren’t getting any sleep.

We managed to eek out a couple of projects on the farm last year that didn’t involve keeping TWO children alive.

We finally installed a mason bee house! Oh, and also a security camera. One of the last things John did before he died was come up to the farm to stand around with Megan, wondering where we could install the camera to get a decent view and still get enough WiFi to upload to the cloud… figured it out, Dad. ❤️

We adopted barn kittens!! Our neighbors down the road raised them and they are the *cutest*. Archer wants to move them into the house.

We, uh, never got around to staking the tomatoes. Oops.

We finally cut down several large fir trees from the orchard, which really opened up the space and gave us much more of a skyline through the remaining oaks. Next up: a little covered area to hang out in. Maybe we’ll get around to it before the new baby is in school….

So now we’re back, and we’re determined to have a calm, easy 2019.¬† Stop laughing!¬† We’ll try, at least.